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Many years ago, even before the Lord gave me the Ministry of the Worship Boats, He put on my heart
the idea to make pendants from the Sea of Galilee stones. I began making all kinds of designs until I
came up with this current design which is actually a stone from the Sea of Galilee in which I cut the
shape of a tear drop in the middle, and I placed inside the stone – a fish with the name of Jesus in
Hebrew, or the shape of an ancient ship with a cross on its mast or the Star of David, or a Cross, and
even a small vial with water from the Sea of Galilee in it.
Over the years I have offered my designs to thousands of pilgrims and visitors to Israel on the ships of
the Sea of Galilee and these became very popular. By the time the Lord gave me the ministry of the
Worship Boats I no longer had time to produce the pendants so I stopped production. And – since then
– many of the sailors here on the Sea of Galilee have attempted to copy my designs – without success.
They never understood how to cut the stones.
Now during this Corona time, when for months upon months there has not been a single pilgrimage in
Israel, and of course no visitors on the Worship Boats, I began to produce my designs again. All of these
pendants are for sale online and Thank God, this is allowing us to hold our head above the water –
literally! Thank you Yeshua for all You have shown me over the years of my faith in You. Thank you for
the ideas You put in my heart and for the huge blessing I have in You.
To all of you brothers and sisters, thank you for all the years you have visited and sailed with us on the
Sea of Galilee worship boats and we thank you for purchasing our products and supporting this ministry.
I am praying for better times . . . so Lord Willing we will be able to meet on the Sea of Galilee!
Blessing to you all in Yeshua Messiah.

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